The brand photoshoot was a special day. From the conception I wanted the experience to be highly feminine, tropical and aspirational. These are the key elements of the brand. It was important that the team was all female, we are a brand created by women for women. I reached out to our photographer Abby Mair and she was so excited, I was so grateful for her calm and creative energy on set that day. 

I chose my grandma’s garden as the location, because it’s a place of peace and happy memories. She was always my biggest cheerleader throughout my life, There is no Tasmin with my Mima. Sadly, she has Alzheimer's disease now but I know she would have been over the moon to watch the day unfold.  

I designed a set and my uncle built it for me. Then I painted them and did some fun designs for the backdrop. When I brought them to set I was nervous the colours would be distracting against the clothes, however, vibrant colours are the heartbeat of Caribbean life so I think it worked out how it should.

I set up a changing room with racks in the living room, as well as music and snacks, water, coconut water and juices for our beautiful models. 

The models are all absolute goddesses, each lady embodies fierce feminine energy and it was magical to watch them bring the looks to life in their own way. I am eternally grateful for their time (and for putting up with the sun!) 

We made magic that day and they all helped my dreams come true. It’s a surreal moment when your night time thoughts become reality, but when it’s better than you could have ever hoped, that’s magic. 

Thanks for reading this blog! 

Lots of love,



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