Bringing Women Together

Bringing Women Together

Clothes and fashion have always run centrally through the women of my family.

Anyone who has crossed paths with my Mum knows that she lives through her clothes. My Grandma was a seamstress and my mum followed her on that path as a fashion designer. She made clothes for my sister and I throughout our childhood. So many of our happiest memories were made at the foot of my Mummy’s sewing machine, with fabric everywhere, and my sister and I looking through the pattern books.

We would choose our favourites and make up stories about the outfits: where we would go in them, who we would meet, what adventures we would have. In this way, clothes bring women together.

With a glance to my past, and seeing where I now stand, it makes sense that I find myself here: making clothes for you. The journey each outfit makes from my sketchbook to being worn by you is an adventure in its own way.

My Grandma would be really proud, I think. 

Each step of this process has made me learn in a steep curve. I didn’t go to fashion or business school. But I have worked to ensure that when you experience this Collection, you feel all the love that went into it. 

Above all, I hope these clothes give you the chance to make beautiful memories with people you love.

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My grandma sewing on her verandah in the 80s

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